Hosted Graphite needs another ops automation engineer!

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Hosted Graphite needs another ops automation engineer!

  • linux
  • python
  • riak
  • redis
  • serf
  • puppet
  • git
  • IRC

Two co-founders, six other engineers all hired in the last year, and we're growing quickly. We run a hosted version of the popular Graphite open source metric and monitoring software, and we have customers all over the world. We need another back end engineer to help work on scaling, reliability and automation. We have over 100 systems to manage now, mostly physical hardware, and automation is more important than ever. Instead of hiring a pure ops person, we want to hire someone capable of automating as much ops work as possible. More automation = more sleep.
We're looking for a sysadmin/engineer who wants to be part of an early stage startup with all the ups, downs, risks and benefits that go with it. This is not a comfortable corporate job, but then there aren't any TPS reports or middle managers either...
Several years of Linux sysadmin experience. You need to know how to use package managers correctly and most of tcpdump, lsof, mtr, rsync, iptables, ntp, mdadm, strace, etc. At least a couple of years of experience writing or maintaining Python.
Hopefully you'll have some published code (in any language) that we can take a look at.
Some puppet experience would be good - we've been using puppet since server #1 and we're pretty pleased with it so far. Your code will be exercised by 125,000 events every second, so performance is pretty important to us!
A decent knowledge of common data structures and algorithms is expected. We don't really care about your level of formal education, math skill, and so on. We want to see that you know your stuff.  
We're willing to pay between €40k and €60k for this position. Maybe more if you are exceptionally skilled. 25 days of paid holiday, plus the usual 9 public holidays. Maybe more as our workload and on-call schedules allow. Since you'll be on-call, we'll pay your phone bill. We also provide a company laptop, typically a Macbook Air, but the brand/model is up for discussion. Coffee from 3fe!